Refrigerator Repair Service in Gurgaon

Refrigerator Repair Service in Gurgaon


Cleaning of the outer and inner body, door shelves, trays, drain tray, gasket & outer body of the compressor

Temperature setting & defrost, if required

Pre and post service check of refrigerator functioning

Cleaning of the area post service

Cost of spare parts not covered

Service Service charge for inspection and repair

Service charge for installing any spare part, if required

Cost of spare parts not covered

Refrigerator Repair and Servicing

99-day warranty on spare parts

Safe, hassle-free refrigerator repair at home

High-quality fridge servicing by qualified service engineers

30-day warranty on service

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Summers or winter refrigerators are becoming part of our lives. In your daily life, the fridge plays an important role, from making ice cream to keeping your foods and vegetables fresh. But as with other home appliances, issues may occur with the fridge as well. Here, you will be able to understand the different issues you might be facing. And how to solve these problems to make your fridge work effectively and smoothly.

1. Cooling Problems

If the cooling system in your refrigerator is not working correctly, that’s terrible and should only be fixed by a professional. It’s because if the cooling isn’t working, your refrigerator will eventually break down. Your refrigerator will begin to smell, the food within will start to spoil, and it will simply become useless. Even though it may be difficult to admit, your fridge is most likely experiencing this problem. You are going to run into this problem sometime. If there is a cooling issue, the evaporator fan failure may be the direct reason.

First of all, Please check to see whether your refrigerator’s evaporator fan is operating. If not, there is a problem with the evaporator motor. The refrigerator condenser problem might be another cause. Cooling cannot occur if the condenser is not functioning because no air is being drawn through the coils. The condenser has to be fixed or replaced for this as well. When the condenser coils become dirty, sometimes it’s possible to fix them, but usually, they need to be replaced. The problem should be resolved if the condenser coils on your appliance are completely cleared of dust and debris. One of the leading causes of the fridge’s cooling issues might potentially be an improperly functioning thermostat.

The thermostat regulates temperature, and when it is the only setting that is damaged, it won’t be possible to supply electricity to the other motors in your appliance. The compressor may not be operating if there is an issue with your start switch or start capacitor. You will need assistance from a refrigerator repair service in Gurgaon. We at Home Appliance Repairs provide the best fridge repair services in gurgaon.

2. Food items get Frozen and spoil

This is among the worst things that might occur to your fridge because it would produce serious problems for food damage. The thermostat must be held accountable if the refrigerator’s regular section performs the functions of the freezer, which it shouldn’t do. Your refrigerator can be working harder and breaking down if your thermostat is set to a low setting.


Thus, return it to room temperature. However, you must first adjust the temperature from the lowest to the maximum setting. See whether this continues to work after a few hours; if not, it appears that there is a problem with your thermostat. If not, there may be a greater likelihood that the refrigerator’s complete temperature control board has malfunctioned.


As a result, the compressor and fan motors have to operate for longer hours. You will need expert assistance for this, as you cannot do it at home on your own. A damaged or blocked damper may also be the cause of this problem. The component that regulates the airflow within your refrigerator compartment is the damper. Your fridge may be releasing too much cold air into the appliafrozen the damper is jammed open, which might be the cause of your food freezing. You can simply reach, Home Appliance Repairs, the best refrigerator repair service in Gurgaon, over a call. We offer Delhi’s best refrigerator repair service. We may assist you by sending experts to your house to investigate the cause of your refrigerator’s over-freezing and provide you with assistance.

3. The Food Compartment gets Heated

It adds to the cooling flaws. We have frequently observed the freezer cooling down and the food compartment warming up. This is a severe refrigerator fault that requires quick repair. It could occur as a result of the evaporating coils being frozen over and ceasing to function. It can also be the result of the evaporator fan. If the fan isn’t working, the problem must be with the evaporator motor, which has to be broken. The diffuser duct may have to be cleared out and defrosted if the evaporator fan is functioning correctly.

4. Refrigerator Making Noise

Refrigerators frequently make loud, annoying noises that require attention. It may occur as a result of the condenser coils becoming unclean and making noise. Condenser coils must be cleared using vacuum cleaners to see whether doing so will resolve the problem. It will be necessary for you to clean every crevice and corner. After it has been thoroughly cleaned, the refrigerator will function normally once again. It could be necessary to examine the thermostat for temperature control to see whether it is set too low. If so, your fridge might have to work harder to keep up with that. Thus, adjust the temperature to a moderate level that suits your needs rather than a very low one.

Make a booking with Home Appliance Repairs for top-notch Deep Freezer Repair in Gurgaon. Our highly skilled technicians will visit your home, check issues, and ensure they are resolved as soon as possible.

5. Water Leakage from Fridge

Regardless of the brand and technology of your refrigerator, this problem becomes noticeable if it is older than five years. Over time, this is the most frequent problem that refrigerators encounter. This occurs as a result of the refrigerators’ blocked defrost drain. Your refrigerator’s defrost drain clogs with time due to food particles, dirt, and debris building up within.


This won’t occur while your fridge is brand-new, but you will ultimately encounter this. The blockage will not go away if the drain is not routinely cleaned and maintained. This may result in a buildup of ice and ongoing leaks. As a result, water leaks from your refrigerator into your whole home.


Removing your fridge from the wall location and unplugging it is one of the finest ways to do this. The rubber valve that gathers all the debris and the drain hose itself need to be thoroughly cleaned with soap and warm water. This will partially resolve your issue. You can get expert assistance if you decide not to go through this process. An alternative cause may be a hole in the water tank structure. This hole might cause your refrigerator’s water to leak.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Where can we find the best professional for refrigerator repair?

You can visit the website at Home Appliance Repairs for top professional experts for Refrigerator repair in Gurgaon. Select the service that meets your needs and book it at your convenience.

Q.2. What brands of fridges can you repair?

We at Home Appliance Repairs have experts in fixing all brands ofFridge/Refrigerator, with technicians for each area of expertise.

Q.3. How to contact Refrigerator repair service in Gurgaon from Home Appliance Repairs?

You can contact us easily. You just need to visit our website,, and choose the service that suits your needs. We’ll visit you as soon as possible.

Q.4. Will you be able to fix my fridge in one visit?

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to say definitively without diagnosing the problem. While some repairs are possible in one visit, others might require additional parts or troubleshooting.

Q.5. How much will it cost to repair my refrigerator?

Repair costs vary depending on the issue, parts needed, and labor involved. However, it usually lies in between 650-2800 Rs.

Q.6. My fridge is not cooling, what should I do?

A: Here are some initial steps:
Check the thermostat: Ensure it’s set to the correct temperature.
Clean the condenser coils: Dust build-up can hinder cooling.
Make sure doors close properly: Leaking air can affect cooling.
Check for power issues: Ensure the fridge is plugged in and receiving power.

If these simple solutions don’t work, consider contacting Home Appliance Repairs for qualified appliance repair technicians.

Q.7. My fridge is leaking water, how to fix this?

A: Leaking water can have various causes. Here’s what you can do:

1. Check the drain pan: Ensure it’s empty and free of debris.
2. Check the defrost drain line: Clogged lines can cause leaks.
3. Check door seal damage: Replace worn-out seals that might allow moisture in.

If the problem persists, consult Home Appliance Repairs for a qualified repair technician for proper diagnosis and repair.