Water Heater or Geyser Repair Service in Gurgaon

Water Heater or Geyser Repair Service in Gurgaon

Geyser Repair Service

Cleaning of the outer body, descaling of the inner tank and cleaning.

Inspection of geyser piping & connecting hoses.

Checking of thermistor functionality.

Cleaning of the area post service.

Cost of spare parts and gas-based geysers are not covered

Service charge for inspection and repair.

Service charge for installing any spare part, if required.

Cost of spare parts not covered.

Assembly of parts.

Installation at an appropriate location and thorough checking of all geyser settings.

Uninstalling and then installing the geyser at a new location, drilling & electrical wiring work are not covered.

Cost of spare parts and gas-based geysers are not covered.

Uninstalling the electrical geyser while relocating.

Installing the geyser at a new location is not covered.

Gas-based geysers are not covered.

Electric & Gas Geyser Repairs Service

99-day warranty on spare parts

Safe & hassle-free geyser repair service at home

High-quality geyser servicing by qualified service engineers

30-day warranty on service

Affordable & Best Geyser Repair Service in Gurgaon

Winters are not suitable for cold baths, especially in a city like Gurgaon. Temperature drops make winds chilled, but a hot bath can absolutely make you feel better. In such a time, Geyser malfunctioning can worsen your daily routine and leave you shivering in the cold. Timely Geyser repair and maintenance are important. The question arises, Which services should you prefer? Home Appliances Repairs provides the best geyser repair services in Gurgaon, ensuring a long-lasting solution for your home appliances. Firstly, understand the issues of your geyser you are facing and How to fix the geyser:

Water is Not Heating

Geyser is meant for heating water, and if it’s not fulfilling the need then you must get it checked. Every geyser must give you warm or hot water with high temperatures. It ranges from 45°C to 75°C. If it’s not giving you the same, then the thermostat may be the problem. The thermostat controls water temperature. Try adjusting it. Check the water inlet valve, Ensure the valve is fully open, allowing water to flow into the geyser.

Another possibility is that your geyser is old and started to rust. If it’s so, it won’t let the water heat. You should always keep maintenance of the water geyser for the long run.

Or If the Heating element is damaged or faulty, it won’t heat the water. We at Home Appliance Repairs analyze the issue and provide you with professional geyser repair in gurgaon or geyser installation in gurgaon for replacement.

Constant Water Leakage

A very common issue with geysers these days is leaking or dripping of constant water from them. Water leakage occurs due to two three more common reasons depending on whether it’s new or old. In the new water heater, it happens due to inappropriate installation. Sometimes, Any loose valve or parts inside may cause dripping of water. Book Home Appliance Repairs for affordable Water Heater Repair in Gurgaon. We’ll figure it out and fix it.

If this is not the issue, a rusted iron tank can be. Old geysers may have rusting inside which you won’t be able to check by yourself. Our technicians will check the problem throughout whether it’s a corroded water tank or leak in pipe. Overflow pipe issues mostly occur due to improper care during installation. For any of these issues, Home Appliance Repairs will lend a helping hand to you. Safety has become an affordable option with us.

The Geyser produces no Hot Water

If your geyser is not producing hot water, then heating appliances might not be working. The heating element is responsible for producing hot water in a water geyser. If it gets damaged or is not working in any way, it needs to get fixed or replaced.

Other reasons for the lack of hot water may be rusting in internal metal elements or parts of geyser, which may pile up. The rusting occurs due to the oxidation process over time and is mostly common among old geysers or geysers with internal water leakage.

If your geyser is new and still not giving hot water, then either the geyser is damaged or installation needs to be done correctly. However, Home Appliance Repairs specialists do have solutions for both cases for any of the brands’ water heater repairs in Gurgaon.

Bad Smell from the Geyser

Did you notice any bad smell emitting from your geyser?? Warm conditions under low temperatures for water geysers are suitable for the growth of bacteria and fungi, which can occur inside geysers. These are the microorganisms which produce a terrible smell that ultimately degrades the quality of the water. Recall that maintaining a moderate water temperature helps inhibit the growth of germs and fungi.

A bad geyser smell is a sign of an issue. The smell of rotten eggs coming due to hydrogen sulfide gas, is the result of poor ventilation that allows buildup inside the unit. Make sure there is enough ventilation and airflow. On the other hand, unpleasant smells might also come from rusted or broken parts. Check your geyser frequently for leaks or apparent damage, and replace any damaged parts as necessary. But for a secure and long-lasting solution, get expert assistance at Home Appliance Repairs.

Electric Shock from Geyser

Switching the geyser on or off or while touching the geyser you may feel an electric shock. Remember to consider the consequences. Please turn it off as soon as possible and get the pluck out. Issues in earthing commonly cause this. Due to this, electricity leakage may occur to pipes, or switches. Then, call an electrician to get this fixed. Another reason for geysers emitting electricity inside may be leakage from heating elements.

If you are unable to find the issue, don’t worry. Book our specialist technician service at Home Appliance Repairs and we’ll solve any of these problems.

Discolored or Dirty Water

Depending upon the issues in water geysers, discolouration will be of three types. These are Reddish brown or white or murky coloured water. The reddish-brown colour of the water indicates rusting mixing with water coming out. It happens due to internal rusting. The white colour of the water is a sign of mineral deposits inside as a residue from the water. Murky-colored water is due to the growth of microorganisms.

All these can impact health severely and are considered not safe(dirty water). These need deep cleaning to prevent further damage to the water geyser from inside as well as your well-being. Home Appliance Repairs has top-skilled technicians to deal with any of the water repair services in gurgaon.

Noise from Geyser

This is a very common problem that occurs with most of the old geysers. It happens due to improper installation, broken parts inside, or dirt accumulation inside the geyser. Dust, dirt, microorganisms, minerals, or any other reason causing debris inside will start to produce unusual sounds or louder sounds while switching off constantly.

There are two perspectives to tackle this problem. If this problem has occurred already, which happens most of the time, then you should book a visit at Home Appliance Repairs by calling or WhatsApp option easily. On the other hand, if you want to prevent it from repeating, go for annual maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1.How much does it cost to fix a geyser?

It depends! Simple fixes can be cheap (around ₹200-500), while complex repairs might cost more (₹1,000+). Get quotes from local services for a specific answer.

Q.2. How long does the geyser last?

With proper care, geysers can last 5-10 years. Regular cleaning and maintenance are key!

Q.3. Can a geyser be repaired?

Yes, most geysers can be repaired! But sometimes, replacing it might be more cost-effective. Consult our professional services.

Q.4. Why did my geyser suddenly stop working?

Many reasons! It could be a power issue, a thermostat problem, or something else. If unsure, book our professional services to diagnose it safely.

Q.5. Where can we find the best professional for geyser repair?

You can visit the website at Home Appliance Repairs for top professional experts for Geyser repair in Gurgaon. Select the service that meets your needs and book it at your convenience.

Q.6. Do you fix all brands of geysers?

We at Home Appliance Repairs have experts in fixing all brands of Geysers, with technicians for each area of expertise.

Q.7. How to contact Geyser repair service in Gurgaon from Home Appliance Repairs?

You can contact us easily. You just need to visit our website, Homeappliancerepairs.com, and choose the service that suits your needs. We’ll visit you as soon as possible.